Iata Sales Agency Agreement

`2.1 A ticketing company is any GNP airline participating in the carriage or a GNP airline which acts as a general sales agent for any airline participating in a transport sector in the country of issue of tickets, provided that the choice of valid airline complies with the tariff rules, provided that a valid interline agreement between the ticketing company and each air carrier “1998, 1998, 1995, 199 IATA Resolution 830a, §1 Consequences of a violation of ticketing and reservation procedures. Z.B.dem agent calculates the difference between the rate applied and the tariff applicable to the service according to the tariff of the member in connection. […] IATA Resolution 049x, Fare Changes, “solved the:. “3.2 All services sold under this Agreement shall be sold in the name of the carrier and in accordance with the carrier`s tariffs, conditions of carriage and written instructions as made available to the agent. The agent may modify or modify the conditions set out in no tariff. The document used for the services proven by the carrier and the agent must complete these documents in the manner prescribed by the carrier. “1. All representatives are reminded that the practices referred to in this resolution, in other applicable resolutions or in the written instructions of carriers, are not limited to violating the above conditions. They harm the legitimate interests of the members and may, therefore, lead to the application of measures in accordance with the rules of the sales agency and the passenger sales agency contract. Z.B.dem agents shall calculate the difference between the tariff applied and the tariff applicable to the service, in accordance with the tariff of the connecting member`. .