Which Edition Of Windows 10 Requires A Volume License Agreement With Microsoft

Microsoft may terminate an immediate and unreased participation in a customer`s Home Use program in connection with unauthorized access or licensing via the Home Use program website, in conjunction with that client`s program code. Customers can update software as part of a migration license and use it instead of qualifying software. The customer cannot use software under both licenses at the same time. This benefit varies depending on the application, system and server. Eligible customers receive an access code (for applications, systems and/or servers) per registered/agreement. Customers with qualified server products have the right to use hosted e-learning server courses, but no content compatible with SCORM. Customers with Office 365 Pro Plus are allowed to use only office 365 e-learning courses (SCORM-enabled content is not allowed). The client is committed to cooperating with Microsoft as part of the business strategy program, including, but not limited to, making Microsoft`s customer representatives, IT staff and resources available, providing accurate and complete information, and fulfilling the responsibilities assigned to Microsoft`s customer in a timely manner. If the on-site visits are agreed by Microsoft Consultants and are not paid in advance, the customer is responsible for the cost of travel and life. Microsoft assumes no responsibility for meeting the employment, taxation or reporting obligations that the customer or his or her staff must meet. Track users` IT needs, simply and with the only features you need. Transition between user and device CALs: Customers who renew SA for cals can switch between the user and the device. This transition does not change the CAL edition (i.e.

standard at Enterprise). As part of Software Assurance`s license mobility, customers can license their software under one of its licenses called license mobility, for which they have active SA coverage, to shared third-party servers, subject to the requirements below. Products used for self-hosting should not be used simultaneously with the mobility of licenses by software insurance rights. All professional services provide support for Microsoft products, which are generally available on the market (unless they are explicitly excluded on the Microsoft Premier website or the Microsoft Support Lifecycle website). Professional services are generally billed hourly, remotely and in English (unless another language is available). Professional services are offered in the country where the VL agreement is signed. On-site visits are not paid for in advance and are subject to the availability of resources. All professional services that are not used each year expire. At the customer`s request, Microsoft can access the customer`s system remotely to analyze problems. 3. Customers (except Academic) with SA on at least one server product qualify for Extended Hotfix support for server products. The following products are processed: Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, System Center 2012 and Windows Server.

Microsoft provides windows functional updates for Windows as well as Software as a Service (SaaS). In a method similar to Office 365, customers who receive feature updates, Windows 10 uses a similar approach to the desktop operating system and provides feature updates via Windows Update without the customer needing to purchase upgrades to access new features. Access to the local telephone support is available on the website support.microsoft.com/gp/saphone during business hours. After work, telephone assistance can be provided through regional and international assistance centres. Phone support after the end of the day can only be used to launch critical business assistance requests. Opening hours are determined at the regional level by region. Telephone support is not available in all languages in all regions.