Serviced Apartment Agreement

The client acknowledges that knowledge of each client`s identity and address is an essential element without which Le Travel Absolu would not have accepted the rental of the apartment. To confirm their identity, the customer must send Absolu Travel a copy of their identity card and a copy of their credit card, which they can cover the first 12 numbers on request. At check-in, the customer and all guests must present their ID card and Absolute Travel will keep a copy. Missing or inaccurate information leads to the termination of the contract, with all amounts paid remaining the property of Absolute Travel. If the reserved apartment is not available due to a technical problem or other unforeseen circumstance, Absolu Travel reserves the right to replace an apartment of the same rate category. The equipment, size or decoration may differ from the original apartment, but these are not considered a sufficient reason to refuse the apartment. If you have travelled, whether for business or pleasure, you are likely to have stayed in a service apartment. It is similar to a hotel room, but it offers a larger spacious and experience, with more amenities for guests, such as a kitchenette. “Lenders will only only go to a maximum LVR of 80%, but in most cases it`s 70%, which excludes most investors who are trying to create a portfolio and maximize their money or equity. Service apartments are generally the best for an experienced investor with a WSIS,” he explains. But, the option to get better rental income on the property using the Route Accommodation Service – there is a structure that gives them flexibility, whether they want guaranteed rent or want something else. The rent is included for the period agreed between the two parties, which is set under the specific terms of the tenancy agreement.

The lease expires at the end of the deadline set under the specific conditions, without notice period. The duration of the rental can never be extended without the prior approval of Travel Absolu. At the end of the rental period, each remaining personal property in the apartment is removed and stored at the client`s expense and risk. Any personal affiliation that is not requested by the customer within 72 hours is considered abandoned. Under no circumstances can the absolute be held responsible for forgotten objects, whether they have been brought to our attention or not. The rent includes the use of furnished and equipped accommodation for the duration specified in the tenancy agreement; water, electricity and television services; Water consumption Adequate electricity consumption linen for the number of guests indicated; For stays of more than one week and less than four weeks, bed linen is changed once a week; Service interventions during normal opening hours only due to device malfunctions or events outside the customer`s control. Equipment failure or downtime cannot result in reimbursement or other compensation. The rental costs do not include, among other things, any of the following insurance: insurance payable separately; Setting up the Internet connection; high-end television services; Anywhere in case of abuse or misunderstanding of the client; Final budgetary services; (French decree 87-712). These repairs are billed to the customer with the final count estimate and the pre-authorization of the credit card. This contract sets out the conditions under which Week2Week Serviced Apartments Limited (“Week2Week”) provides you with a Serviced Apartment, as stated on the booking form (“Accommodation”). This contract exists between the person who signed this agreement (“she”) and Week2Week. Week2Week is the trade name of Week2Week Serviced Apartments Limited number 7410985.

If there are aspects of the building in private hands, with the exception of accommodation (for example. B by the developer or another party), control of these aspects (usually in front of the house/back of the house and include all retail and other incoming production features) will be obtained by an agreement with the owner of these aspects of the building.