Section 106 Agreement Southend Airport

First of all, we always recommend you spend some time in the area to understand where the planes are flying nearby. It is best to choose different schedules on a number of different days so that you can understand how the schedule and itineraries can vary. We also advise you to contact us so that we can give you an accurate picture of the routes and more information to better inform your decisions. Your realtor should be able to contact you with the seller of the property to discuss their experience, but remember that the noise is subjective, which concerns you, cannot affect the other. For more information, please email our Noise Manager in A key factor at Southend Airport is that it has more land to be developed than Luton Airport and, in conjunction with the runway extension granted in 2010, can now support expansion plans that can exceed the 16 million passengers currently visible in Luton. ATC Lasham, the airport`s largest engineering office, joined the administration in October 2015. [59] The main hangar he used came from the ATEL , founded by the late Sir Freddie Laker, and was later used by Heavylift Engineering. Upon full review, a written response is sent to explain the event that caused the noise accident and to determine whether the identified aircraft operated in accord with standard procedures and airport operating conditions.

In the response, the person filing the noise complaint will ask to respond within 10 days if they are not satisfied, otherwise the case will be filed. The loaded noise manager will continue to review all other comments on this matter, if the person who advises on the noise remains dissatisfied after further investigation and further answers, the question will be referred to the airport advisory committee for further consideration. All noise data is collected monthly and shared with municipal councils and the airport advisory committee.