Oracle Software License Agreement

Full agreement; Applicable law You agree that this Agreement is the complete agreement for the programs and that this Agreement replaces all prior or concurrent agreements or assurances, including clickwrap, Shrinkwrap or similar licenses, or licensing agreements for earlier versions of the programs. This Agreement must not be amended and rights and restrictions must not be changed or removed, except in a letter signed by representatives authorized by you and Oracle. If a clause in this agreement proves invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions will remain in effect. Information Collection Program installation and/or automatic update processes may, if necessary, provide Oracle or its service provider with a limited amount of data about these processes to help Oracle understand and optimize them. Oracle does not link personal data. See Oracle`s privacy policy under Programs may contain a source code that, unless expressly authorized in this agreement for other purposes (e.g. B under open source license), is provided exclusively for reference purposes and cannot be changed. Despite the fact that such a counterintuitive and aggressive policy is not explicitly integrated into the OMA anywhere, LMS generally emphasizes this interpretation, perhaps on the pain of terminating a client`s licenses or degenerating into litigation. However, if you browse, the ALT is not identified on the page displayed. Instead, the page contains links to certain policy documents as well as pages on which agreement-specific information can be found. When you click on the Oracle Master Agreement link, you`ll see a page where the ALT is remarkably missing. To access this document, you need to click on the link for the Oracle Licensing and Service Agreement (OLSA), which is another type of master agreement for the use of Oracle products and services.

Third-party technology Programs may include or require the use of third-party technology provided with programs. Oracle may provide you with certain information in program documentation, readmes or notification files associated with this third-party technology. Third-party technology will be granted to you under the terms of this Agreement or, if specified in the program documentation, under separate conditions. This agreement does not limit your rights to use third-party technology under separate license under separate conditions.