Which Sentence Contains Correct Subject And Verb Agreement

However, the plural verb is used when the focus is on the individuals in the group. It`s much rarer. “The car” is a singular theme, so it should go with the singular verb “is.” The other options overall are grammatically incorrect. Explanation: the subject-verb chord means that the subject and verb must have the same number (both singular and plural). If we don`t use “neither” to connect two nouns (as we can see in sentence D, with the names “Carla” and “Tim”), we must use a singular verb (in this case”plays”), so the correct answer is the corresponding option D. The verb in the remaining sentences should be: are, play and squeak. C) I think it`s because croaks is a verb and frogs are the subject. For example, she writes every day. Exception: If you use the singular “she,” use plural shapes.

For example, the participant was satisfied with his work. You currently play a leadership role in the organization. Highlight the singular name in each sentence, then write down the plural form of the word you pointed out. The sentence is this. They plan several projects for next year. I did an online test, and I think they gave me the wrong answers. Here`s a look at the test and the answers, if the answers are wrong, please cahnge them for me so I know the right answers!!! THANK YOU fragments and Can it help me, not sure, my answers are correct. 1.Which sentence contains a pluralistic collective noun? A.

The team was scheduled to play Sunday. B.The host team put on its uniforms. C.The crowd was ready to start the game. The choir wanted to sing the national anthem. 2.What sentence shows the correct subject-verb agreement? (1 point) A.Where do students go in weeds? B.Where do the plants grow? Where are the fittings for the pipe? D.Where are the sprinklers stored? 3. Use this paragraph to answer the question. All the locals use the farm every day, so everyone picks up the garbage and pulls the weeds. What change will correct the sentence? (1 point) A.change All to Some B.change used to change C.change everyone to anyone D.change picks to pick 4.What phrase contains a collective noun chaplain? (1 point) A.The host team put on their uniforms.

B.La choir wanted to sing the national anthem. C.The crowd was ready to start the game. The team was scheduled to play Sunday. 5.Which sentence indicates the correct subject-verb agreement? (1 point) A.The herd is in the northern pasture. B. The herd is trache every morning. C. The herd stays in the barn. The herd has calves in the spring.

My answers were: A, C, B, D and B. But I`m not sure they`re correct For 6-10 questions, write the label I for bad if the sentence misses one or more apostrophes. If the sentence is correct, write the name C for the correct one. 6. Have you ever tried to read documents from the beginning of America? 7. Key: subject – yellow, bold; verb green, highlight Please check out my replies thank you. 1. Identify what change, if any, is needed to make this sentence correctly: Some people prefer paper-to-paper wheels for treadmills.

A. no change B. stationary X 2. Identify the change needed if 1. What are the elements contained in a written argument? Select the two correct answers. Opinions of your friends of social media evidence from reliable claims from sources of any kind of reasons in your own words the jersey is correct, that`s all I can remember, sorry I`m in 7th grade at the Academy of Connections as well, if you need Webmail help at Krystal Rainwaters dream doll is just trying to make sure my answers are correct 1st No. 2. Number three. Yes 4. No. 5.

No verb-matter agreement here: guidetogrammar.org/grammar/sv_agr.htm try again.