What Happens If There Is No Rental Agreement

For tenants who do not even have a verbal agreement with their landlord, they remain protected by law as long as they pay their rent regularly, because it recognizes that there is a lease that exists. There are also circumstances in which a rental right can be terminated without termination. If the tenant or owner of the land dies or the owner decides to sell the property, the lease is cancelled. HI My parents rent real estate by private owners in the last 2moths You will see the lease in the property for 6moths. The landlord then gives the keys and said you can move in today, so they pay him the rent and the deposit and they get no proof that they paid. Anyway, they now live there 3moths and the owner does not want them to give the signed lease, my parents are getting very uncomfortable because they are now afraid of having to leave one day and they were right, if we call him every day about it, he keeps calling him, you don`t need it and today he sends a letter “Leave on January because am happy not about that you want the agreement” Any advance please?? I currently live in an apartment with a roommate and the owner who owned the apartment has been arrested and has not paid his mortgage or HIS HOA fees for some time. He had made a verbal agreement with myself that I would not have to pay rent as long as I went to school and maintained the place. This has happened. Now that he has been arrested, he must serve time in prison, he has decided to get rid of the place that leaves me and the roommate, to leave the property.

He sent us a seven-day notice of dismissal or pay. And we received a letter in the mail saying that the HOA had initiated the seizure process. The owner passed a real estate agent and told us that he was selling the property that we need to leave as soon as possible. That doesn`t seem fair, and all we`ve had is an oral contract, never written anything. What can we do and there is everything that allows us to stay in the apartment until we have time to find another place. The refund amount is more than $8,000. Apparently, he hasn`t paid it since January and he just told us in September. Can someone help me? Second, a written lease is created to avoid misinterpretation and to accept the essential points of the lease. With a well-concluded lease that describes the responsibilities of tenants and landlords, everyone knows where they are and what is expected, and all lower litigation would be avoided.

@Adam It is not really clear what your situation is, you have to give more details: Even if there is no AST, the tenants who live in the property still have to meet their obligations, how: Hello, I just bought a property and there were tenants in the house of the former owner that they rented the house without a contract, so I told the tenants that I would still rent the house, but I will come with a contract, so they are not very interested in the idea and I told them that everything remains the same, but if I present them the contract with my laws and conditions, it is a problem that they told me the amount of rent , which I want is too much and they can not pay the down payment, so the rights have this and what I can do in this case So in this case, with a lease not only protects the tenant, but it will also protect the landlord. Even if there is no written TSA, the lease still exists without one and both parties will have intact their basic legal rights.