Reinsurance Intermediary Agreement

(a) Any person, company, association or company acting in that state as a reinsurance intermediary is liable, as an agent, for the funds received in this capacity through such reinsurance intermediary. 3. Appoints a manufacturer without ensuring that the manufacturer legally obtains a license to implement the type of reinsurance for which the manufacturer is designated. 6. Rates on all reinsurance commissions, including commissions for any retrocession paid by the RB; (a) At least ten years after the expiry of each reinsurance contract entered into by the RB, the RB holds a full note for each transaction stating: e) The Commissioner may refuse to issue a reinsurance intermediary licence if, according to the Commissioner`s judgment, the applicant, a person mentioned on the application or a member, the principal manager, the official or the applicant`s director , is not trustworthy, or that a supervisor of such an applicant is not trustworthy to act as a reinsurance intermediary, or that one of the above conditions is the cause of the revocation or suspension of that licence or that he has not fulfilled a condition of insurance of such a license. Upon written request, the Commissioner will provide a summary of the basis for the refusal to issue a preferred licence that is not subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act [Chapter 100 of Title 29]. d) 1. The Commissioner may grant a reinsurance intermediary licence to any person, company, association or company that has met the requirements of this chapter. Any such licence, issued to a company or association, authorizes all members of that company or association and all designated employees to act as licensed reinsurance agents, and all of these persons are mentioned in the declaration and any additional information. Any licence granted to a company authorizes all senior executives and all designated employees and directors to act as reinsurance intermediaries on behalf of that company, and all of these individuals are mentioned in the application and any additional information. (a) the reinsurance intermediary, the insurer or the reinsurer who, after being heard under the Administrative Procedures Act [Chapter 101 of Title 29], found that he was in violation of one or more of the provisions of this chapter, is the reinsurance intermediary. 6.

Jointly employ a person employed by the reinsurer, unless the reinsurance manager is under joint control with the reinsurer submitted in Chapter 7 of this title; or (f) “reinsurance intermediary”: a reinsurance intermediary or reinsurance intermediary as defined in subsections (f) and (g) in this section; (ii) this bank, as it has been designated by a reinsurance intermediary outside the United States, is located outside the United States; written agreement of the receptive insurer. (g) “reinsurance agent” (“RB”), any person who buys, negotiates or imposes reinsurance assignments or transfers on behalf of an insurer who will withdraw, with no power or power to bind reinsurance on behalf of that insurer.