How To Get Duplicate Agreement

However, it would be best to start the process to get a double sales number as soon as you find out you have lost the originals. Now let`s see how to get your double sale. Although, a good amount of money is needed to do all these steps, but at the end of everything, you get a legally certified duplicate for your property. Bank loans are not easy to grant for these properties, but after checking all documents and the FIR, loans are sanctioned as long as the documents prove to be binding. In such cases, loans are left to the exclusive discretion of the bank. I recently sold my property. The buyer did not give me a xerox copy of the deed of sale. Now I need a copy of the deed of sale, but the buyer does not give the same. As a seller, I can request a copy of duplicate or Xerox. I just need it for tax purposes. Hello, what document is missing? The purchase contract or the title foot? Yes, you can obtain an authenticated copy of the deed of sale of the sub-registrar`s office concerned. After submitting all documents, you must pay the fee amount to the relevant department in order to issue a duplicate copy of the ownership documents.

It is important to get legally certified copies of the lost document, so don`t consider the money spent as unnecessary. If you have lost your property document such as the original deed of sale or Patta, you can get the double documents by following the following procedure: Lodge an FIR: It is true that if you lose something, go first to the police station near you. Place an FIR (first information report) to the police there, give all the details of the property. After that, the police would generally seek to follow the documents if a theft or theft was the cause of the loss. If the police are unable to track your lost sales document, they will issue you an untraceable certificate. This is essentially a police statement that they have not been able to follow the document and would be duly signed by the Inspector General. This is a document that would now help give you double the deed of sale. Yes… cancel the original sales number and issue duplicate in relation to it. with the D-word added. In this way, if someone wants to enter into a contract with the person who owns the original sales floor, becomes vigilant, because EC would show that the old sales number does not exist.

Before requesting duplicates, it is imperative to file an FIR complaint with the police regarding lost documents.