Blind Agreement

Translators have fallen into the trap of “blind concordance,” corresponding to the verb about sin or death, the predictorminative (which, as I explained a few years ago in a column you missed, is the noun that follows a verb that implements the subject). The U.S. federal government recognizes “qualified blind trust” (QBT), as defined in the Ethics Act in the Government Act and related rules. [1] In order for a blind trust to be a QBT, the agent must not be bound or linked to the government official. [2] A blind trust is a trust in which directors are not aware of the trust`s assets and have no right to intervene in their transactions. In a blind trust, trustees (trustees or those who have obtained the power of attorney) have total discretion over the assets. Blind trusts are generally used when a trusted provider (sometimes called Settlor, Trustor, Grantor or Donor) wants the beneficiary to be unaware of the trust`s specific assets, for example. B to avoid conflicts of interest between the beneficiary and investments. She vehemently professes her ambition, but has experienced one obstacle at a time and has refused to give up her autonomy by signing the agreement that requires blind acceptance of any decision of the coaches of British Cycling. The results are verified and agreed by both statisticians, with one statistician remaining blind until agreement is reached on the final estimates. Video on YouTube: “Books for the Blind” Marrakech Treaty – End of book hunger.

In addition, 10% of the samples were digested twice and analyzed as blind replicas (with the 15% agreement). This trust is not intended for a politician, but for a person in private life who wants blind trust. This form is a general example that can be referred to when preparing such a form for your particular status. It only serves to illustrate. Local laws should be consulted to define specific requirements for such a form in a specific jurisdiction. The CBA includes interest groups, authors, libraries for the blind, publishers and standards organizations. The Treaty of Marrakech managed by WIPO facilitates the production and international transfer of books specially adapted for the blind or visually impaired. This involves the setting of a number of restrictions and exceptions to traditional copyright. Politicians or others in sensitive positions (such as journalists and religious leaders) often place their personal assets (including capital income) in blind trusts to avoid public scrutiny and accusations of conflicts of interest when transmitting public funds to the private sector. The blind chord for each standard gold set is shown in Table 2. When disagreements arose, a consensus was reached through discussion.

they signed a blind contract, then they both received sloppy fat The percentage of agreement between the double blinds was 98%, and the simple Kappa coefficient was 0.97, indicating a good quality of genotyping.