Bidvest Car Rental Agreement

6.1. You have the right, at any time during the initial period, to orally extend the duration of the rental by telephone with one of our offices. It is expected that the tenant will not contravene a provision of the tenancy agreement. Hail Damage Hail damage is not included in the price and can be purchased at the time of rental. If this waiver is refused, the tenant is responsible for the complete repair/replacement costs of the vehicle. Damage from sandblasting (dust and sandstorms) is not included in the prices. The tenant is responsible for the cost of repairing and replacing the vehicle. Note: Damage to the vehicle caused by potholes or gravel roads is excluded from any declaration of non-responsibility and the tenant is fully responsible for the damage to the vehicle. Just rented by Bidvest at Johannesburg airport. Everything was fine until checking the bill for the mail rental. Additional charges were charged, including a fuel tax. The car was refuelled by us at the airport service station, which is less than 400m from dropoff location. On request, they did the same thing as previous comments about refuelling each car on their return.

Apparently, they managed to push an additional 5 liters into the car and were not discouraged by the costs. Airport surcharge: a surcharge is charged for airport rentals. ACSA airport 11% by rent; Other airports 11% per rent Assessors Tax: All damage caused to the rental vehicle above R5000 Vat incl. P5000) are evaluated by an independent expert. The assessment has an element of cost, but assures the tenant and/or insurer that the claim costs are legitimate, non-excessive and in accordance with acceptable industry standards. – R900 (No. 1270, P1270) You can ask us if you have any questions about your rent or if you are welcome, to send an email to our customer service manager – Renette Van Der Merwe who can answer everything about our business, Overdue rental fee: If the rental vehicle has not returned to the agreed date and no prior agreement has been reached to extend the rent, the vehicle is recovered by BCR and an overdue rental administration fee is charged. – R880 (No. 880; P880) Cnr. Theo Mocke – N2 Ermelo Road, Sasol Complex Phone: `27 17 826 5706 After celebration: `27 17 826 5706 Fax: `27 17 826 5706 Email: Main Building BG12, Central Car Rental Building, Central Boulevard 7525. Cape Town Airport Phone: 021 927 2750 E-Mail: For more than 20 years, Bidvest Car Rental has successfully managed the “Budget Car and Van Rental” franchise in South Africa, but cut ties with the Budget Group (ABG) in February after the contract expired in January.

Negotiations were held with both parties, who assured with dedication that customers would not be disturbed by the excellent service to which they are accustomed and that Bidvest would re-establish their vehicle rental sector as Bidvest Car Rental.