Audi Financial Services Agreement

It`s easy to keep control of your agreement online. You can use your online account to make quick and simple changes by selecting your brand below: – Information you provide to us when you call us or communicate electronically with us, with a request on your account, services or any other reason, including contact information or other information relevant to your question or account. Option 1: Exchange your Audi for another and launch a new solution agreement – We can request information from consumer credit agencies, collection agencies, financial institutions, employers and creditors regarding credit history and creditworthiness; Contract Hire is popular with companies that want the benefits of new cars without the extended commitment associated with other financing agreements. To provide you with services, we may share your personal data with third parties who provide services on our behalf or who provide you with information or services. We may share your personal data as follows: – Third parties may need to access your personal data to help us manage accounts, prepare and provide invoices or extracts, provide legal, accounting, marketing or other professional services, manage the site and application, provide providers who host or administer the data we have collected, and otherwise facilitate the services we offer. Our third-party suppliers are prohibited from using your personal data for any purpose other than supporting our activities; Part of the current value of your car will be carried forward until the end of your agreement. This may mean that your monthly repayments are less than they would have used another method of financing. We can offer you all the products and services you want under one roof. You can easily and comfortably finance and insure your car without ever leaving your dealer`s showroom.

The voluntary termination of a financial agreement has no impact on your creditworthiness. Credit data indicates a cancellation and other financial companies can see it. However, this should not apply to financial applications. However, the company with which you had the terminated contract may reject future applications. Use this number to call Audi`s financial services and, if you wish, pay by phone to pay for outstanding payments.